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Not You (Anymore) Emily Nawrocki
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The inspiration for this song came when I realized that my personal freedom can be enjoyable and empowering. I wrote the lyric “I'm not on the run, flying free” to reframe the idea that walking away can be liberating not debilitating. As a songwriter, I strive to compose songs that are relatable and inspiring. I wrote this song on an acoustic guitar but had always envisioned a full rhythm section and the killer electric guitar. The ability to collaborate with Berklee students brought my vision of this song to life. This recording was done in one take wiht a live studio band.

"Star In The Sky"

Star in the SkyEmily Nawrocki
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After two of my friends died unexpectedly in a car accident I felt compelled to write a song because I am a firm believer that music heals. Struggling to express the grief that I felt, it took me a year after their passing to complete the song. “Star(s) in the sky” was my original song seed. It was the idea that stars are always there and can be a reminder of their memory. I knew I wanted this song to be primarily a piano ballad. I collaborated with Martina Gallo an extremely talented multi-instrumentalist and good friend to ensure my vision of the song would remain the same throughout the recording process. I limited the recording studio session(s) to myself, Martina and the producer John Mailloux at Bongo Beach Productions. It remains the same authentic heartbreaking ballad I intended it to be.

"Dinner Time With..."

Unplugged: Acoustic Original Music

Time Stamps:

0:10-3:37 - "LIKE A GIRL"

29:04- 32:20- "Dance With You"

Studio 9 Seekonk 

Unplugged: Acoustic Original Music 

"Make A Move Interlude"


"Play Pretend"

"Broken Hearted Girl"

"Dance W You"

Full band live performance "Like A Girl" 

Artist Corner Ep 25: Emily Nawrocki

Unplugged: Acoustic Original Music

"You and Me"

"Before You Go"

"Not You (Anymore)"

"Better One"

"Real Man'

"Home Town Boys"

"Whole Again"



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