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Emily Nawrocki is an accomplished singer/songwriter and performer with a passion for storytelling through music. Her original songs have been featured on local television shows, podcasts and live streams. Her songs showcase her unique blend of pop, country, rock, latin and many more kinds of genre influences.

Emily's songwriting journey began when she discovered a love for expressing herself through lyrics and melody. After mastering her skills as a solo artist, Emily began performing at local bars, performance venues, open air markets, weddings, life celebrations and private events. She quickly gained a following and a reputation for her soulful voice and intimate performances, often just her and an acoustic guitar.

Emily's music is deeply personal and reflects her experiences and emotions as well as the world around her. Her songs cover a range of themes, from love and heartbreak to empowerment and social issues. Some of her most popular tracks include "Star in the Sky," "Like a Girl," "Not You Anymore," and "Dance With You."

In addition to her solo work, Emily has collaborated with bands and other artists, constantly seeking out new musical experiences and inspirations. She is passionate about using her platform to bring people together and create meaningful connections through music.


Emily's mission as an artist is to create music that speaks to people's hearts and minds and use her talents to make a positive impact on the world. Whether she's performing for a small crowd or a large audience, her goal is always the same - to entertain, inspire, and connect.

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